Don't include custom module in excerpt

So in one section of my site I have a series of pages that that I am displaying the excerpt for. The problem is that those pages have a custom BB module at the top that is basically a page header (and includes social share links and such). Thus the excerpt includes all the text of the header.

So I can think of a few potential solutions:

  • Don’t include the custom module in the excerpt somehow
  • Move the BB header into a page template (this loses some flexibility)
  • Move to posts and that may help somehow?

What do you suggest?

Hey Jason,

Your best bet is to move them to Posts and provide a Manual Excerpt. You could also move your BB header to the template using the Insert Pages plugin and the fl_builder_global_posts filter. More info on the latter below.


Thanks Ben,

I think I’ll go ahead and make them custom post types. Will be cleaner that way and I can still let the end-user use Beaver Builder to manage the majority of the content.


Hey Jason,

No worries! I would have done the same thing as you. :slight_smile: Have fun!