dynamik full width

Hello, I can’t adjust the margin through wp editor, could you help me, I would like to send you my information, I’m not a programer so I’m not as familiar with the program. Also I would like to change the home page for beaver builder instead of dynamik, how can I do it? BB is not an option when dynamik (EZ) is installed.

Hi Kali,

Is it possible for you to provide temp admin access, please? So we can take a closer look.

Also, can you go into more detail regarding the Dynamik EZ, as I am not familiar with Dynamik.


If you’re using an EZ layout in Dynamik, the Home page is made up of the widgets in the areas you selected in the EZ layout.

Disable the EZ option in Dynamik - Design. Choose the option: Wordpress Default Homepage

Choose the page you want to be your Home page in Settings - Reading.

That page will now be editable in BB.

Thanks for the input @Andrew