Easier Custom Modules, PHP and ACF support

Is there any way to implement an html snippet of code to call ACF data? Normally you use php get_field and get_sub_field PHP code but I need to achieve this to within BB builder content. Thought that the HTML element could be perfect but does it support PHP? I just really need to find a way to implement these custom areas easily because creating custom modules just for one site its way more complicated than simply using ACF especially when you have to create different custom areas for each site.

I know ACF has a shortcode to display data inside the text element but its only for the basic text element. Maybe you know of a way to implementing a full field group using get_ template_part by throwing it in a simple shortcode inside a text or html element through BB builder. This would make my life mush easier as I am trying to do full custom design and I wanna use BB Builder as far as I can but need it to allow me to go beyond its default modules.

This is the website I am working on http://citysampler.supernova.website. I can build 90% of it using a BB Child theme and the BB plugin modules but I need to create my own sections that the client can manage. I have been advised to keep everything within the BB builder but in real life I still find myself in the need of ACF and unless building custom modules becomes much easier, I still need ACF to create simple modules.

Please advise me on how to achieve this, or maybe theres other options I’m not aware of. The only workaround I can think of is using custom page templates to add these modules outside content loop, and then move them using jQuery “detach” and “append” on the front end, I used it to move a whole BB row with a content slider on top of the header and it seems to do the job fine but Im not sure if this would be a good practice as I don’t know how reliable this is from the corssplatform perspective.

Hey Carlos,

Unfortunately, not at this time, but we do plan to have better post meta support in the future. You could create a module that makes use of get_field and get_sub_field and interfaces with your AFC forms. Aside from that though, I don’t think there is currently a solution other than creating custom modules. Sorry.