Editing HTML Tags Causes Crash

Beaver Builder works great, except for a few exceptions. Anytime I try to edit an HTML tag my entire browser shuts down. The same goes for adding an icon - in an info box for example.

This rule applies to the multiple websites I work on, so it doesn’t seem to be a WordPress issue on a particular site.

I’ve tried all the basic fixes: different browsers, clearing caches, etc. Has anyone run into this before? Any ideas for resolving the issue?

Weve had a few similar reports from windows users using chrome based browsers, none of the team have been able to replicate the issue. Have you tried Firefox?

Yes, I tried Firefox and Edge. I finally just reinstalled Chrome and that seemed to fix the issue…though I’m not sure why Firefox and Edge weren’t working either.

Every other person said using firefox it worked fine, so perhaps you just need to clear your chrome profile by reinstalling it.