Editor Window Size

I just bought the Standard Version and having tried or purchased several other similar plug-ins, have to say that this is fantastic.

I am just wondering though, is there any way of increasing the size of the popup editor boxes.
I am running three 2560 x 1440 monitors so it seems an unnecessary nuisance to have to scroll through the editor etc.

Regards Kym H

Hi Kym,

Thanks so much for your purchase and the kind words! At the moment, there isn’t a way to increase the size of the pop-up editor, but that is interesting feedback and something we’ll take into consideration. You are welcome to add that as a feature request if you like here. That seems like a nice monitor setup! :slight_smile:


A resizable editor window would be nice:)

Until then, I will continue to use the regular editor in a standard WP dummy page (on another browser tab) for long pieces of text. I paste everything from the code tab of the regular editor into the code tab of the Beaver Builder editor. This seems to work pretty good and also helps with the inserting of other shortcodes like Gravity Forms etc.