Embedded Video Not working

I am currently having problems embedding a YouTube video into my post. I’ve used the video tool and have no issues embedding the video, but when I press publish the video disappears - only a blank space is left in its place. Anyone know how I can fix this issue?

If you can provide a URL of a post where the video does not show up, we should be able to check.

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Hi Jamie,

Many apologies for the delayed response! Thank you so much for offering to help.

The broken video link is here: http://thelittledrunkenchef.com/three-ingredient-grilled-chicken/

Any and all help is much appreciated.

Hi @KimiK, there’s unexpected inline CSS in the markup of the video containers.
The video shows up fine when disabling position: relative; on one of them: look at the screenshot attached.
You should inspect your custom CSS.

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Thank you! Will have a look!