**emergency issue**

Hello guys,

I was just working on a site that has the beaver builder theme. I saw there was a theme update, so I clicked on update, and after the update was completed, I clicked to go back to the wp updates page to see if there were any more that I needed to update.

the site went blank. I can’t access the page, I can’t access ANY of the wp-admin pages. nothing.

I hope there might be somebody watching this board on the weekend. this is a client site and I need to get it back up ASAP, and I am willing to pay for help if needed.

any help is greatly appreciated!

I am trying to trouble shoot in the filemanager and the wp database, but I honestly don’t know where to start or how to rollback an update.

I updated both the 2014 theme and the bb theme at the same time, not sure if htat matters.

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Hey Brian; shoot! Sorry this happened. Are you using our Child Theme for your customizations? Also, were you heavily using the theme settings? I am not sure why this happened, but if you can get me the site’s FTP login info, I can gladly poke around and try to fix it.

I would probably take a backup of the old/broken theme and try uploading an updated version of the BB theme directly to your themes folder. I’m wondering if the update package somehow got corrupted or cut-off and it didn’t download the entire theme zip.

If you can’t provide FTP details, I’ll send you an updated copy of the theme. Just let me know your email address. Sorry again that this happened.

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Bryan, hey okay… we’re back up and running!

There’s a conflict with the event calendar plugin you’re using. We actually just discovered this yesterday. We’re releasing an update with a fix tomorrow. I disabled the plugin for now so the site isn’t broken. Our dev can probably jump in and hotfix this for you sometime today, I’ll let him know. He’s probably not at his computer right now, but he was able to do this for someone else yesterday.

Sorry again for the trouble, and I hope that temporarily keeping that plugin disabled is not going to be a huge issue.

Let me know if you have any questions at all…

Robby, you ROCK.

Talk about amazing and tremendous customer service. I truly appreciate the help.

I am not sure if we will be using the event calendar plugin now, but might in the future. either way, glad to hear you are working on the issue.

I see that you are using the main bb theme and don’t have the child theme activated at this time. do we need to wait to change that back until the fix?

oh shoot, no sorry, you can go ahead and activate the child theme! Sorry about that.

got it! (that is something that is in my skill level! haha)

thank you again so much. You already had a fan of your product (me), but now I am an even bigger fan.

No problem! Glad I was around to help. We do our best to keep an eye on the forums over the weekend, but there are times when we’re all out and about.

If it’s not urgent, I’d rather wait for the update tomorrow to fix the conflict versus poking around and messing with the live site. Would that be okay? If it’s urgent, I’d be happy to get the hot fix going for you. Let me know what you prefer.

Hey Bryan,

I wanted to quickly let you know that we released an update today that will resolve the events calendar conflict. After updating, you should have no issues reactivating/using that plugin.

Awesome Robby! thank you for the update. I will definitely get that updated in the site we talked about.

Thank you!