Equal heights on posts

Hi there

I have set both the posts modules and the columns to equal heights on this page for the EAT category but it doesn’t seem to be having any affect. I want the large single post to be the same height as the two posts next to it. Normally don’t have any problem with equal heights but can’t see what I’m doing differently this time!



I’ve actually turned off equal heights on posts now to allow for different length headlines in column two but it still hasn’t resolved the equal column heights.

Hey Nicola,

Those 2 columns actually have equal heights. You just can’t see it since the borders are assigned to the modules, not the columns. If you apply a border to each column, or just a background color, you’ll see what I mean.

I did try playing around with the page for a while and the only way around it is via CSS and changing a few settings on your modules. Let me know if you’re interested as it’s a lengthy process. Here’s how it looked like on my local dev.

View post on imgur.com


Oh yes please Ben if that’s ok? I love this look so would use it on a lot of my sites :slight_smile: Thank you so much!

Hey Nicola,

I actually tried playing around with it more and noticed that the layout isn’t responsive when done like that. Reason for this is the Posts module is calculating the width of each Post Grid and applies it as a style. It’s responsive behavior is to move the items on the right side to the bottom, not reduce the width of each grid.

I do like that layout as well, and I can see it often used on sites. If you’ve a minute, feel free to add this as a feature request on our User Voice. We’re planning on bumping up old modules this year instead of adding new ones so this may be considered.