error on the page after update theme child

Hello how are you? I did the update of my theme children and check the site is page:

This unconfigured the logo, which can have happened? See that this different page other … I no longer know where else to look to fix, can you help me?

Please, if you can fix and then inform what made me I appreciate it because the next time I do not need help, okay? :slight_smile:

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Hey Rafael,

It seems you have added a few CSS lines via CSS Hero which is what’s causing the problem. Check screenshot.

I have checked the markup and that came from CSS Hero. And that’s only one instance of it. There are several other elements on the page being styled by CSS Hero with negative margins which is what’s causing the problem.

Hope this helps!


Hi Ben, thanks again :slight_smile:

But see that funny, before the upgrade was running normal. After I did the update of the subject child who gave this little bug …

No problem, Rafael. It could have been cache doing its thing. I’ll go ahead and mark this as resolved now. Enjoy The Beaver! :slight_smile: