Hello need help.

I’m building a custom footer. This footer should be applied to all pages. So I went home on my site, I created a line with two columns, and made customization as I wanted.

Dai went and clicked to save GLOBAL.

This customization applied to all pages.
But there I was again at home to edit something I had forgotten, I clicked the module I saved and I tried to edit the line and gave an error saying that the page does not exist: Sorry! That page does not seem to exist.

What did I do wrong?

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Hey Rafael,

Could you head over to Settings > Permalinks and set it to Post Name? Let us know how it goes!


I have experienced the same issue on a clean install of WP. I had permalinks set to postname but was getting the sorry page does not exist when trying to edit global row. I went into settings / permalinks and clicked save-changes and the problem was resolved.

Hey Deancs,

Glad to know it was that simple! Resaving permalinks work as sometimes your htaccess file gets messed up for strange reasons. Enjoy BB! :slight_smile: