Event Calendar Pro - Unable to Display In Beaver Page

I have had the worst few days in using Event Calendar Pro with Beaver Builder.
All I wanted to do was display the individual event pages on the custom page I designed in Beaver and this seems to be an impossible task for me and I’m extremely frustrated. This also goes for the Woo Commerce Cart system. Just cannot get the details page to display in my page design a it keeps displaying content on the default page I guess it wants it to show on.

On top of that, there appears to be no shortcodes that will give me what I want, which I find staggering as you would think this would be a standard feature/option.

I’m so annoyed right now as I only bought The Event Calendar and the Woo Cart System because Beaver recommended it as being compatible with Beaver.

I have found this whole experience extremely negative.

Hey Darren,

Those plugins have the ability to control the entire layout of the page, depending on how you use it. WooCommerce has shortcodes if that’s what you’re looking for. You can check them out on the link below.

Not really sure about Events Calendar Pro though, but a quick Google search led me to the link below. You may want to check it out.

For WooCommerce, you won’t be able to edit the product details page totally as that is controlled by a WooCommerce template. It only allows us to edit the product description part.