Featured Image size options not working in "Post Settings" Module.

Featured Image size options not working in Post Settings Module.

The Featured Images of my posts always show with a different image size other than the one I choose [Thumbnail(150x150), Medium (300x300), Large (1024x1024).

I am using the Automator Theme and the Page Builder.

Hi Joseph,

Thanks for bringing that to our attention, we’ll take a look on our end to see what may be causing that and get back to you!


Can you send us a link to the page in question?


I am having the same problem. Has this been addressed any further? When working in the module post settings when working in the feed, when you choose between 300x300 and thumbnail, the only thing that changes is that is crops the image into a square, but still 300px, opposed to when you choose 300x300 its 300x whatever the image is proportionally. Thank you!

Hi Caroline,

I’m not sure I understand your issue, can you elaborate a bit more? Also, are you on the latest versions?