Firefox compatibility issues

In testing my BB site on Firefox, I’ve noticed some strange issues. Hoping you can help.

Screenshot of category page in Chrome (what it should look like) >

Screenshot of category page in Firefox with oversized images and misaligned columns >

Screenshot of blog page in Chrome >

Screenshot of blog page in Firefox with overlapping posts using the blog module >

I will provide the username and password to see the live site in a private post.

Thanks in advance for the help!

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Hey Mark,

I can see the issue but I can’t seem to replicate it on my end. Let’s start by having you update the plugin to the latest version? You’re currently on and the latest is


Also, don’t forget to clear the BB cache as well as any other caching you may have.


BEN! I love you man. That fixed things on my end. I am running the 1.6.4 beta, so I didn’t even think to upload the latest version of the beta. You rock!!

Awesome! Definitely not seeing the problem anymore on my end as well! :slight_smile: Enjoy BB! :slight_smile: