Fixed Header question


Really liking the additional fixed header options in the header layout but was wondering if it is possible to use the Shrink version but with the logo fixed at the final size. I simply like the way the header and menu shrink together but want the logo to be visible at all times.

Thanks, Colin

Hi Colin,

I apologise, but I am not entirely sure what you’re referring to when you say “Fixed at the final size”. Also, the logo image should be visible at all times, unless I am misunderstanding?

Is it possible for you to provide a screenshot of what you mean, please?


Hi Danny,

Easier if you look at the site,, the logo zooms in when you scroll the page up.

Regards, Colin

Hi Colin,

We can certainly reduce the padding which is what the “shrink” option is basically doing. However, if we do then there is no point in using the shrink option.

If you add the following CSS, you will see what I am referring to.

.fl-page-header .fl-page-header-container.container {
  padding-top: 8px;
  padding-bottom: 8px;