FLBuilder::register_templates Not Working

Hi there,
I want to import data by using an ajax call here is my code

add_action(‘wp_ajax_tnit_template_activate’, ‘tnit_activate_function’);

function tnit_activate_function() {
if ( ! class_exists( ‘FLBuilder’ ) || ! method_exists( ‘FLBuilder’, ‘register_templates’ ) ) {
wp_send_json_error( array(
‘Hellow World’ => ‘FLBuilder class not found’,
} else {
$hrefUrl = $_POST[‘data_url’];
FLBuilder::register_templates( $dataurl );
wp_send_json_success( array(
‘Hellow World’ => ‘FLBuilder class is there’,




I am getting success message every time but not able to get a module in my saved module list. Here is the URL of my DAT File

Please help me out

Thank you