Fontawesome on BB version

Hello folks,
We are using BB and 5 pages on our website are getting broken link issues. As diagnosed further, it seems the fontawesome is causing these troubles.

These two links on 5 pages are broken-

Can someone suggest a solution to fix these broken links?
Will really appreciate any response.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

2.5.x uses 5.15.3 of font awesome, the links there are from 2.4.x so your host is probably caching PATHS in PHP

I purged cache from domain, wordpress and our auditor app (siteimprove) but there are still broken links.

It isnt a cache app you need to restart the PHP process … PHP is remembering the file PATH for the CSS to save time simple case of over optimisation. Your host will be able to do this for you. If you open the plugin folder you will see the correct PATH for the CSS files.