Found a bug with Jetpack Blog Subscriptions widget

Have latest WP, php 5.6.12, and using memcached – object-cache.php is the Zack Tollman (see: ). theme is Headway Themes (latest - 3.8.2)

On every page load of that layout, I kept getting a PHP warning on a page that has BB that reported that memcached flush() expects a long, but got a string. The line number was for the flush_all() function (yikes! what good is caching if it is flushed entirely on every page load! LOL).

Through elimination, it was BB, but further elimination determined that it was the Jetpack blog subscription WIDGET, when placed in a BB module, would issue a wp_cache_flush() on every page load.

I’ve been able to get around the issue by using the shortcode for jetpack subscription form instead. just put the shortcode in the text module and all is fine now.

Such a weird thing.

Hey John,

I’ve already assigned another member of the team to check on this.


Hey John,

Thanks for letting us know on this! Quick question, have you tried without using memcached? For example, in a standard TwentyX theme. Just trying to figure out exactly where the issue may reside if that makes sense.



I’ll see what happens. Sorry for the delay getting back. I forgot to subscribe to email notices!

I tried two different memcached object-cache.php plugins. The first, MemcacheD is your friend, did not fail gracefully. The second, (Tollmanz’s from github) works with less erroring.

When I had memcache off entirely, the page loaded but without the performance bump.

What I failed to check was whether the widget worked fine outside of BB. Maybe, thinking about it again, it has nothing to do with BB.

I do know that using the shortcode in a text module got rid of the problem.

I’ll check the widget outside of BB and report back.

I’ve also been getting php notices that the PB-media is hitting an unknown offset (count matches the same number of images used in layout).

Thanks, John

Thanks John, let me know what you find!