Front end functionality in sidebars, footers etc

Front end functionality in sidebars, footers etc - this is what my clients keep demanding. They hate having to go back to the backend widgets or whatever. So my question is can this be achieved using the BB theme or are universal sidebars/footers etc a feature, planned feature?

I know I can make one sidebar but can’t see that it can be applied across multiple pages.

Sorry if you get asked this everyday, I did search, maybe my keyword skills suck :slight_smile:

Hey Seamus,

Thanks for getting in touch. A linked templates module has already been planned. What it does is you can output a template using the said module and every time you edit the template, all modules using that template get edited as well. For your case, you can create a template for your sidebar and/or footer then just edit the templates while doing the page. You can read the link above for more info on the request. :slight_smile:


Thank you Ben, keep me informed :slight_smile: