frontend differencies among logged and not logged

Dear Support,
this follows my last one about video row fullscreen issue. I start saying that I tried to clean wordpress cache, server varnish cache, borwser cache and a machin dns flush. Nothing worked in a stable manner.

The problem, described in following pictures, seems to come and go and I still can not trace down a way to trigger it 100%.

Problem with posts module disappearing if not logged

problem with row full video if not logged in

Screenshots are taken on the same time, same page version, with chrome on win 7. I know this happens even with chrome in IOS last release.

Screenshots are taken from a wordpress multisite installation using WPMU plugins.

The only workaround seems to be cleaning the cache of BB via ftp in these paths:



After couple hours or days the issues come back.

Are you guys interested into a deeper look about this?

Hey Riccardo,

Are you saying that those screenshots were taken at the same time with the first one taken when you are logged in and the second one when you aren’t? Do you mind sending temp admin access for both so we can check?


Hey Ben, yes thats correct.
My chrome work account is loggend, on the left in the pictures.
My chrome personal account is not logged in, on the right in the pictures.

Thanks, I will provide you temp access as soon as possible, I’m in the middle of delivering couple works, maybe tomorrow I’ll find some time.

See you soon

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Hey Riccardo,

No worries! Take your time. :slight_smile:


Hi Ben
in the meanwhile we are spinning a dummy server to to let you in I made some researche and I found many similarities with this
Similar problems due to caching issues
Do you?

I’m also asking our hosting provider more specification about the correct configuration of W3 total cache + WPMU multisite in nginx environment.

I will come back to you soon.

Hey Riccardo,

Yes, that is most likely the case. Some caching plugins, like WP Rocket, don’t cache anything when logged in but they do have an option to enable it. For your case, the cache only kicks in when you are logged out and that is why you are experiencing the problems. Do you think you can disable your caching plugin and probably rename the advanced-cache.php file to make sure it’s not doing its thing then check the site?


Hi Ben,
it took some weeks to figure it out but I think we finally got it.
This plugin we used for cookies notify broke javascript based BB modules.

When we updated Cookie Notice plugin to 1.2.31 the bug disappeared.

So far it seems that caching issue were not involved into this. Maybe this can help other European Beavers that need to choose a cookie notify plugin.

Hey Riccardo,

That’s good to know! Glad it was just that simple! :slight_smile: Enjoy The Beaver! :slight_smile: