Gallery Thumbnails are not square anymore

Having a little trouble with gallery thumbnails today. I’ve made a gallery using the thumbnails option. When viewed in the builder screen the thumbnails appear nice and square. Once you click save and view outside of the builder view they go back to rectangular.
You can see the gallery here:
But it also happens on a couple of other places on this site where I have used the gallery module in a similar way. I’m sure this wasn’t how they appeared when I first made them.
Things I have tried already -
Flushing the BB cache
Regenerating thumbnails
Removing custom CSS

BTW - this site uses the BB theme

Sorry - got this one sussed myself - thought I’d leave it here for the useful info though.

Problem was being caused by The Jetpack plugin’s Photon function which serves up images remotely from the Wordpress servers for you. Turned that off in Jetpack settings and everything works just fine.

TBH I’m pretty sure this was working ok before with Photon, so maybe Wordpress changed something here recently.

Hey Joseph,

Glad you figured it out! And thanks for taking the time to share with us what was causing the issue. Enjoy BB! :slight_smile: