General responsive column display query

I put out a specific request about the way multi columns display on the ipad and Colin kindly came up with a neat solution that works for the ipad -

But as I looked at some of the smaller tablets the problem remains with the text not using the full screen. For example the iphone6 landscape.

Looking further into this with Firebug I reduced my screen size to the iphone6 landscape and I found:

<div class=“fl-col fl-col-small fl-node-548a52d190980” data-node=“548a52d190980” style=“width: 33.33%;”>

I am wondering whether there is a bigger issue than the one I raised originally. Does a setting needs adjusting in beaver Builder? Or have I missed a basic point?

I love Beaver Builder, but it would be good for a text column to use the full screen width.



Hi John,

That’s actually the intended functionality for smaller columns. If you would like them to be full-width at the responsive breakpoint, use this CSS…

.fl-col-small {
     max-width: none !important;

I hope that helps!


That solves my problem. Thanks Justin.