Global layout settings not updating on all pages

I have added some CSS to the global layout settings but these CSS changes don’t appear on all pages. If I go to the page that doesn’t have the changes, open up page builder and then save the changes will appear but I am assuming this is not correct because having to open up every page after a global change doesn’t seem right.

I have tried clearing the BB cache but no help. Also cleared the wp-super-cache cache and again doesnt help.

This may be related to my other thread:

Any ideas?

Hey Mike,

Do you think you can share temp admin access to the site in question so we can take a look?


Hi Ben,

Look in linked thread, access details are there.



Hi Mike,

I know you mentioned above that you tried clearing the cache on both BB and WP Super Cache. However, you appear to have WP Super Cache active. Which is likely the cause of your issue. As we recommend disabling any cache plugin whilst using BB.

Therefore, can you try flushing the cache from the plugin settings (WP Super Cache) and then disable it. Once disabled, clear the BB cache and see if your styles apply to all pages.


I disabled wp-super-cache and got the same behaviour.

Pages that have been opened in the editor and saved will get the global css changes but other pages that were created prior to the initital global css being added do not get any changes until they themself are opened and then saved.

I am guessing that if there is no value in the global css then maybe it doesn’t attach the css as its empty so when later on something is added these pages don’t get the update.

As a work around I will manually open up all pages and save them. From now on when I start making a site I’ll add some css to global before I add pages.

Ah! Sorry, I just realized what the issue is. Yes, the builder assets are only loaded on pages that are using the builder, i.e., your global CSS won’t work on a page that didn’t use the builder.

I can see you’re placing theme styling on the global CSS section. I’d suggest transferring those to the theme’s stylesheet or the CSS Code section under Theme Customizer > Code. That way, it will be applied to all pages on your site, including archive pages, where the builder doesn’t work.

Hope this helps!


Thanks Ben, putting it in the theme customizer CSS section worked and applied the css to all pages.

Personally I think calling that section global is confusing if it only applies to pages that have been edited by builder. I think maybe this section should apply to all pages? Or the wording changed a bit?

Hi Mike,

Happy to hear your issue has been resolved and thank you for the feedback. So your suggestion doesn’t get lost in our support forums, would it be possible to post this on our User Voice, please?


OK, this seems like a bug with the logic but I made a feature request as you suggested: