Global templates


You add an amazing functionality with the global row and module :slight_smile:

Question :

Is it possible to have a global template ? I mean, many rows and modules as part of one global template.



Hi Adelino,

Thanks for visiting the forum. That functionality has actually been available for a while.

Once you’ve created the page with all the rows and modules you want to re-use, click on Tools - Save Template - Give it a name - Save

Now on a new page Click on Templates and you’ll see “Your Templates” as an option in the Drop-down. You’ll see your new template with all your rows and modules there.


Yes, i use it, but i am not talking exactly about that.

I would like to know if isit possible, as the new module and row GLOBAL option to have a GLOBAL template option too :wink:

Sorry adelino, I thought you meant a GLOBAL template for the page that includes your GLOBAL rows and modules. Your Page Templates are GLOBAL, so the I’m a little confused.

Can you give us an example or a bit more information?



Hey Adelino,

I think I get what you mean. But wouldn’t that feature be kind of useless? You wouldn’t want to have 2 pages on your site have the exact same content. Or am I missing something? :slight_smile:


I don’t think Ben :wink:

It can be useful to save globaly one two or three rows / modules. For example, i have created a row with a title. Juste after, i have two modules with my coordinates. I have thoses things on every page of my site at the bottom.

If i want to galbally save this, i have to global save the first row with the text title and the second one with my coordinates.

To resume, it could be nice to have the possibility to global save many rows or modules int ONE global save only, not multiple global save for each element :slight_smile:

Hey Adelino,

I see what you mean now. Go ahead and add that in as a feature request on our User Voice Forums and let’s see what the guys say. :slight_smile: