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Hello Justin,

a) Create a single setting that locks down all builder features except editing
b) The ability to completely lock down a single module from any editing at all.

I think these two would help. BUT I was thinking of those who would like to use BB (beaverbuildeer) for their DIY web business. Once there are many options, there MAY be many customizations.

I forgot to mention this too.

    The superadmin should be able to hide "Add Content" button too. So that the site editor will only focus on editing the content.

Please make my previous post public for me. I cannot find the edit link.

Hi Joseph,

Thanks for the additional info.

The superadmin should be able to hide “Add Content” button too. So that the site editor will only focus on editing the content.

If we add a setting for disabling the ability to add content, this will be disabled as well.


Hey Justin

Sorry for my late answer.
The “one setting” solution sounds good and makes absolutely sense for me. When thinking about what kind of features you want to add to beaverbuilder I have the following general notes:

There are basically two user scenarios: The web developer who wants to use bb for building a great website within a few hours. This customer wants and needs all kind of features, he wants to have full control of bb. Actually there are a lot of plugins out there which are very overloaded because they try to support all those needs at a time.
The other clients are those end users who want to edit a site and add some text and pictures to a page. Those clients need a very clean and slim version of beaverbuilder. They should not be distracted with all unnecessary elements, tabs and buttons. For those users workflow and simplicity is a key feature!

As you know from my previous posts I need beaverbuilder for creating beautiful templates where as my customers should only edit those elements. Thats why me - as a superadmin - need the possibility to slim down bb for my clients. Your “one setting” solution fits perfect for my requirements. But for example: Those clients don’t need the “Tools” button. They should not be able to change basic layout settings. They don’t need to duplicate a page (because if they do so, they need to access the backend for editing page titles and menu items). In my very personal opinion most end users should not even need to access wordpress backend. Entering the backend completely interrupts an easy workflow.

I see very high potential in beaverbuilder for this super-easy-and-only-frontend" use case.

Thanks for listening, Justin. Your team is doing a great job.

  • Dominic

Hey Dominic,

Thanks for the follow up! I was hoping you would like the “one setting” idea as that’s what I am leaning towards :slight_smile: I think it makes sense to include the tools button in that as well. We can think of it as two versions of the builder interface, the full version and the easy version. I plan on working on this soon and will let you know when we have an update.


Sounds great, Justin! I’m looking forward to it.

  • Dominic

Version 1.3.9 was just released that adds a new setting for simplifying the builder. Let me know if you have any questions about that!