Having Issues with BB and PHP 8

I am having some issues with BB and PHP 8.

password protected pages are not working using PHP 8 and BB. when I deactivate BB plugin the password protected page works.

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Hi @johnzapf

We’re aware of this and have already fixed this which will be included in our next update I believe. :slight_smile:

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Thank you, John

Another issues when using PHP8 and BB. Site home page in browser is going to iphone/ipad layout.
See picture.

Can you turn on BB debug mode - it should output an error there then so you know what the issue is.

well for now I just set the webserver to use PHP 7.4 and all works, just to many issues with Beaver Builder and PHP 8 at this time.

What was the fatal error? We have a branch that fixes a few PHP warnings but there are NO fatal errors, I’ve been using php8 exclusively for developing for over a week and have not seen any fatal errors.

where do you see that I said there was a fatal error. Read the post, I said when I have php8 on my page is displayed wrong. read original post and see picture.

The picture clearly shows a critical error, the error would have been logged and an email sent by wp.