Header content text not diplaying

Hi team,


any ideas why my text isn’t showing on my header?



Hi Adam,

When you have your layout set to Nav Right, the navigation menu gets put into the right header area. Unfortunately if you want to put Text & Social Icons there, you’ll need to change the Header layout to Nav Bottom or Nav Centered.

You could use the Top Bar option though. Set it to 2 columns, then choose Text & Social Icons for Column 2 Layout.

I hope that helps.


It looks like setting the Nav to Nav centered does not work either. CAn you confirm this?

Are there any plans to be able to add text to our headers? Seems a basic feature.


Whoops, sorry Adam - You’re right - Nav Centered is not an option for you on this one.

I don’t think there are any plans to change the theme header options soon, but you could request this feature at the Beaver Builder User Voice Page


Hey Adam,

The Header Content only works for Nav Bottom due to its layout. Sorry but WP Core 4.3 is having some bugs with the customizer making it show hidden items. The Header Content box should have only been visible if you were to select Nav Bottom.

Hope this clears it up :slight_smile: