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I’m new to building websites but I’m learning fast.
I purchased the BB Theme and Builder (pro memberschip) to try and build my own website.
I still have a lot to learn about CSS,code and so on, but you have to start somewhere (right ?!)
I’m a 3D designer using Autodesk Inventor for 15 years now so my world is very graphic (no code) sorry for that
I have a small question.
Is there a way to adjust padding for the logo (text or picture) in the themes header as shown in the attached picture ? (and add text besides the logo)

Thanks for your reply.


(sorry for my englisch, i’m Dutch)


Hi Walter,

To adjust the spacing between the logo image, will require custom CSS. You could try using the following CSS below.

.fl-page-header-logo .fl-logo-img {
    padding-left: 80px;
    padding-right: 80px;

However, in-doing so, you will reduce the image size. The reason for this is that both the Logo image and the navigation menu are two columns. Both using specific percentage widths so that they’re responsive.

To reduce the navigation, you can do this by loading up the WordPress Customizer and navigate to Customizing > Header > Nav Layout and change the value in the Nav Item Spacing (px) option.


Hi Danny,

Thank you for your reaction.
Your solution is not working for me.
The logo stays in the boxed content margins

What i want is something like on the attached website.

i"ll keep trying


Thanks again,

Hi Walter,

So you want to have your logo flush to the left of header like in the site you linked in your previous post?

If you provide a link to your site, we can take a closer look.


That is more or less what I am looking for, as well.
I would like to have three columns,
one for the logo,
and two for something else, since I do not necessarily want navigation there…

Hey Melissa,

Sorry to say but you can’t have 3 columns in the header. The closest you can get is by using the Nav Bottom layout where the navigation is below the logo and there is a space on the right side of the logo where you can add text. Can you give it a shot and see if that works for you?


Thanks for the explanation!

Is there a glossary or short description anywhere that I can read about descriptions of your content choices? (HTML, callouts, etc.)

Hey Melissa,

We have that on our Knowledge Base which you check on the link below.

We are behind on docs right now(we’re actually doing a docs day to get those updated) so it may not contain everything, specially the new modules. Let us know if we can assist further! :slight_smile: