Header menu choices?

I am getting tired of conflicts with Ubermenu and mega main menu plugins.

As most of the customisation is pure CSS styling and just a megamenu dropdown effect, can you recommend the best way to approach this in your theme.

I found dropping a standard wordpress menu in the page and trying to force it horizontal with dropdowns messy.

What is the most common approach you use yourselves with Page Builder to implement main site menus ?

Hi Anita,

Generally speaking, we use the standard menu system in our theme for the most part. Ubermenu has been used before as well without issues. HeroMenu may be one to take a look at, the developer contacted us awhile back and reported compatibility with our theme due to his customers contacting him about the BB + HeroMenu. Hope that helps!


Hmmm, Hero Menu may be just what I was looking for! Thanks!

Yep I’m giving it a go too :slight_smile:

Dave & Anita,

How did you make out with HeroMenu?

Haven’t had the chance to use it, but will do tonight as a client is complaining about his Ubermenu and browser incompatibilities with fontawesome icons. I think it works better (heromenu) from the looks of it to apply to any navigation and have the one tool. Check out the simplicity of using it for footer navigation for example.


It looks real good, I need to dig into the menu options for BB, most of my clients want slidebar menus for mobile.