Hide built-in templates


We are using the page builder in our first client project and to get a better editing experience for our client I would want to limit the built-in templates available.

Actually we probably don’t want to show any of the built-in templates except the blank one and then the custom ones that we build and design specifically for the client.

Is this possible to do? One approach would be to manage it pretty much the same way you provide the possibility to hide modules but it seems like this is not possible right now?

Thanks for your help and a great plugin!


Hi Johan, thanks for contacting us! That is great feedback and actually something we will implement as soon as we can. Thanks for the suggestion, we should have an update released soon!



Thanks for quick response. I think this would make a great product even better. Also, would it be possible to limit the widgets available as well?

The widget section can otherwise be quite cluttered with all the widgets installed (both from core, themes and plugins) for a novice user and difficult to navigate through when the list becomes to long.

I would love to be able to filter the available templates and widgets to only show the once that we eg. have styled to fit the clients theme and content need.


Also, would it be possible to limit the widgets available as well?

That’s an interesting idea. I’ll look into that for the next release. We should be able to include an option to disable the built in templates in that release as well.


Hi Johan,

The ability to hide core templates has been added in the latest release. You can access those settings in the admin under Settings > Page Builder > Templates.