Hide Page Builder to customer


Is there a way to hide the page builder from customers if they want to add/edit pages?


Hi Susanna,

Thanks for getting in touch! I’m not completely understanding your question unfortunately. Users can add/edit pages with or without the page builder now by default. Are you looking to somewhat constrict what your clients can edit in terms of Beaver Builder pages? If that is the case, we have added functionality that allows you to constrict their interaction with modules, etc. In the settings dashboard for the page builder, we have added a new tab called ‘Editing’. You can check out the Roles and Capabilities table and add whichever makes the most sense for your customer(s). Let me know if that helps and if you have any further questions!


BTW - this functionality was added as part of the 1.3.9 release. 1.4.0 is the latest release if you aren’t running the latest version!

Sorry, Im not being clear! :-/

I would like to create the websites for my customers using Beaver Builder on some of the pages, then when my customers go on and add content and new pages, i would like to hide any reference to Beaver Builder, so when they create a new page, it just uses a template and does not have an option for the page builder…

Does that make anymore sense?

No worries at all, Susanna! I see what you mean now. Unfortunately, that isn’t possible at this point in time, but you can limit what they can do in the page builder on pages if you like using the capabilities functionality mentioned above.

Im not familiar with using capabilities at this point, do you have any documentation about that anywhere that explains it with ref to BB?

The white label version of your plugin is over what I would want to pay annually but does that restrict customers in anyway? Or is there a way to to disable/enable the plugin for specific pages? If my customers got playing with a page builder, I think it would become a nightmare!!

Re. documentation, I would recommend reviewing that link I posted earlier as there isn’t anything specific to BB in using Roles and Capabilities. I totally get what you are saying though with customers. As there isn’t a way to hide BB, I would suggest using a capability that limits them to only being able to edit. I am in the process of writing a bit of documentation for this for BB, but that won’t be available until next week due to the holiday.

Thats cool, can you let me know when you have published the documentation? Whats the answer to the white label option?

White labeling is only available with the Agency version, but it allows you to essentially name the ‘Page Builder’ whatever you like within the dashboard or frontend experience as well as change the little Beaver icon to whatever you like. The Editing functionality is the same throughout each version although the Agency allows you to have different settings available for different users. Unfortunately, I don’t think this is what you are after in terms of disabling BB for your customers. Sorry about that!