Hmm, is this me, or BB? Or WiredTree?

All of a sudden, all was working perfectly, and then this happens:

It happens before, and then stopped, and now, out of the blue, again. It alos can look like this:

I am using FF on an iMac.


Hey Dave,

That looks very familiar and we’ve found is related to caching. If you have a caching plugin installed, give clearing it a shot and that should clear it right up. Let me know if not and we can go from there.



You might also want to try saving again in the customizer and then do the above. Let me know how it goes!


Hi, well, that is weird. Because I had Rocket Cache deactivated, but it SEEMS like I needed to uninstall it. It now appears to work.

I think caching has gotten way out of control in general. I stay away from it if at all possible. And I thought that rocket Cache was the best of the lot.

Anyways, thanks for your help, I think it is fine now. But I am still holding my breath just a little bit :slight_smile:


Very weird. We like Quick Cache a lot. Seems to work great for our client sites. Let me know if anything comes up further here.

Thanks. I will check that one out. Good to have a go to cache when I need it :slight_smile:

Quick Cache seems to be working just fine. Awesome! And just what I like, simple to setup :slight_smile:

Great to hear, Dave!