Hovering over modules in the builder is causing a flashing effect (.gif inside)

So to explain this I’ve just recorded a gif as it’s far easier.


I’ve noticed this happening since a couple of versions of the plugin ago but just assumed it was my own computer. But then I had a chance to trial it on my laptop and the same issue popped up.

I’m on windows 7, latest version of Chrome browser.

It seems to happen when I hit ‘save & close’ on a module & my mouse happens to be hovering over the module that I just edited. And then it starts flashing until I move my mouse to hover over another div or module which then seems to reset the issue.

I can’t click on anything when the flashing effect is occurring so it’s mildly annoying.


Hey Jay,

I’m on a Windows 7 machine running the latest version of Chrome as well, Version 49.0.2623.87 m (64-bit) is what it says on the About page, but I can’t seem to recreate the issue you’re having. Take a look at the screencap below.

Is that how to recreate the issue? Or did I miss something?


Hi Ben,

It is intermittent, and I’m not entirely sure that actually causes the flashing to occur. Though I had a feeling, so I added it to my ticket.

Others have mentioned they experienced it also on the facebook group.

I’m honestly not too sure how to recreate it, though it seems to occur if I try to work too quickly maybe.

I’ve determined it is not just my PC.
It’s not related to any custom css or js
It definitely fixes itself if I hover over another module and then hover back over it again.

Beyond that there’s not much else I can determine with 100% conviction lol

Hi Jay,

I am unable to test this properly as the only way I can access Windows 7 is through BrowserStack. Which I don’t think will be an accurate representation in your case.

Are you able to recreate the issue with with all plugins disabled except for BB?


Hi guys,

Link to the facebook post which is gaining a little more users’s input.


As I said - it’s really hard to recreate it, and with all plugins disabled it would be difficult to see if a result occurs or not.

It’s difficult also to test because as soon as your mouse leaves the confines of the flickering module overlay - it resets it and you can’t go into inspector and have a look or something like that.

Hey Jay,

I tried recreating the issue again on our beta site thinking my local dev might be acting differently but to no avail. Does it happen every time you do the steps you mentioned above? Do you think you can share temp admin access to your site? Just wondering if this is related to the hosting the site is sitting on.


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Hey Jay,

Thanks for the detailed info. For testing purposes, so we have the right conditions, is there a particular page that you’ve seen this happen on consistently that we can test?

Also, in your video, it looks like you click the settings icon and then quickly close the settings but your mouse is in the same spot. How are you achieving that?