How can I access the space to the right of the dotted square module box?

How is everyone doing today. I hope this message finds you all in great physical, mental and spiritual health.

I am working on monetizing the blog, but I cannot access anything outside of the gray box to place content or ads.

Guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Here is the blog post page: SB90 $6 to $7 Figure Success - SB90 $6 to $7 Figure Online Success

And an example blog post: Flipped Lifestyle - SB90 $6 to $7 Figure Online Success

Note the space to the right is bare, and can be used for content If only I was a beaver builder tech wizard.

The issue is not related to Beaver Builder. Check your theme documentation for page / post template options for Full Width, or No Sidebar. Or something similar, and use that for your posts.

Your current default template is two-column (layout-two-column-default)

Thank you for the feedback. I’ll see if that works.