How can I dynamically build the slug for fl_builder_insert_layout?

Hi… I’m trying to dynamically build the slug used in fl_builder_insert_layout in a themer connector.


I have two pages created with the following slugs. Page 2 starts with the name of Page 1 and has “-syllabus” suffixed to it.

  • Page1 = “course”
  • Page2 = “course-syllabus”

I have a themer layout applied to Page1 that has a text module with a connector. I want to display the content of Page2 in that module so I’m building a connector that will take the slug of Page1, append “-syllabus” and then use that in fl_builder_insert_layout.

My connector looks like:
[fl_builder_insert_layout slug="[wpbb post:slug]-syllabus"]
Which should evaluate to [fl_builder_insert_layout slug=“course-syllabus”]

But… I can’t get it to work. It behaves like it doesn’t see “-syllabus” and just sees [wpbb post:slug].
So it behaves like [fl_builder_insert_layout slug="[wpbb post:slug]"]
Which evaluates to [fl_builder_insert_layout slug=“course”]

How can I get it to evaluate with the “-syllabus” suffix?

you cant put shortcodes inside shortcodes like that.

You might need to create your own shortcode that does your logic then runs do_shortcode() with its result.