How Do I Configure Posts in Columns?

Ok, this has to be an easy thing I am just not seeing. I dragged a Posts module to a page and I simply want them to go side by side instead of on top of each other. Yet I can’t seem to do it!

I want to keep them in Grid style, yet side by side. Gallery puts them side by side but they overlap each other.

How do I set the Grid settings to be side by side or one-half?


Ah, went to post a link, but I am working locally. Hopefully that makes sense.

Here is a screenshot

Hey Bodie,

It’s a bit tough to troubleshoot without a live environment, but I think if you adjust a few settings you should be able to get this the way you would like. The posts module would display side by side if it had enough real estate to do so, so I would start with maybe lowering the width percentage for the sidebar column. You can do that using the column settings which would be available when rolling over that column - it is the 2 column icon. In tandem with that setting, you can also adjust the width of the posts and padding between them in the posts module settings. I think with a combination of these two, it should work or at least it is in my testing environment. Let me know how it goes!


Billy, You are the man! I was just above the acceptable width, and for some reason I missed those settings. All is well in the world now.

Oh yeah, and BTW, Beaver Builder has changed my life. It’s amazing!

Thanks so much.


Awesome, so glad to hear! Welcome to the Beaver Builder fam and look forward to helping any way we can! :slight_smile: