How do I remove white space?

Hi there,

I have created a page but I can’t seem to remove the white space between the footer and the bottom row. Can you please tell me how I can get rid of the white space so that the slightly grey colored row is touching the footer?

Website page:

thanking you in advance,

Hi Louie,

It looks like you’ve got a 40px bottom margin set in that column. Can you double check the Advanced tab and confirm?



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Hi Louie,

Thanks for providing your login information.

I added the following css to the Code section of your theme to remove the 40px margin:

.fl-post {
    margin-bottom: 0px;

I also noticed that your page content was set to full width inside the row and you were using a 300px padding on the left and right to center your content. This will cause you some problems when the site is viewed on mobile devices. I have therefore changed the content width in the row settings to fixed width, so you don’t need to use padding to push the content into the center of the page. If you need to change the width of this content, click on Tools - Edit Global Settings and change the Max Width value to your preferred width. The default is 1100px and this should be good for most websites.

Good luck!