How do I save a template?


I’m learning BB and enjoying the process. I’ve set up a page layout that I’d like to use across several pages on a site. I see in the Page Builder that there is a “Templates” button at the top that, when pressed, offers various templates built in to BB. I also a “My Templates” option. When I select this I get the following message:

“You haven’t saved any templates yet! To do so, create a layout and save it as a template under Tools → Save Template”

However, when I go to the Dashboard->Tools I don’t see an option to Save Template. Can you help me out? I’m using the Standard version of BB. Is this something that can only be done in the Pro version?

Thanks in advance!

Oh, never mind—I didn’t realize that the “Tools” being referred to was the “Tools” button in the Page Editor. Figured it out!

Cheers, John

Glad you figured it out, John! Have fun with BB! :slight_smile: