How does BB determine what is the editable content area?

I’m attempting to do something that may not be possible but thought I’d give it a whirl for the heck of it. I’m trying to use BB to build out templates. I’ve created a ‘template’ custom post type and have allowed BB to create layouts on this post type. In each of these template post types I’ve included a [content] shortcode that simply outputs the contents of the current page. The pages of my site have a near blank template.php file that simply outputs the template post type. Everything almost works, my pages will display the content from the standard Text Editor and the BB layout from the template post type will wrap around it just fine.

Now the problem occurs when I try to apply a BB layout to the page itself (so I have a BB template post type wrapped around a BB page). When I’m editing the page in the builder mode there are no editable content areas (I can’t drag any modules on to the page), which I’m assuming is due to the content of the page being generated by a shortcode so BB can’t find an editable area.

My question (finally) is, are there any ways to actually pull this off? Can I pull in the content from the current page in a way that allows BB to see an editable area?

Hey Steve,

I’m going to assign someone from the team to assist you with your concern. Might not hear anything from them until Monday though!


Hey Steve,

The builder overrides the content in WP’s the_content() function to output the layouts and editable areas. That also has to be done within a loop to make sure the builder can see the post in WP’s query and output the correct CSS/JS assets.

Can you try using the_content in a loop? Let me know if you have any questions about that.


That did it, thank you!

Good to hear!