How to add a column or sidebar

I am probably missing something but is it possible to add a column once I have configured a row. Basically after I add a row with 3 columns and add content I decide to add another column. If I try to add a column the column gets placed on top or below the other columns. I have tried setting the column widths of the other 3 to make the column fit but to no avail.

Also, I am trying to add a sidebar once I have my columns set up but that doesn’t seem to work either.

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Hey Joseph. Honestly, there isn’t a way to dynamically add a column to a row. What you’ll need to do is drag out a 4 column row and move the modules from your existing three columns into the new row. This might a good feature request, though. Feel free to add it to our User Voice page!

Thanks, I will do what you suggested.



I just purchased a Pro version of Beaver Builder for our company and started testing it. I was looking for the same thing as Joseph. Changing the number of columns in an existing row is such a basic function you would expect in a page builder (and which is in all the other page builders I tried) that I have to say I’m kind of stunned that this is not a feature in the product yet. This is so obvious, especially with the stellar reputation Beaver Builder has. It’s a very weird oversight for me in an otherwise great product as far as I can see so far in my testing.

I looked in User Voice and didn’t find Joseph’s request for this so, I was wondering if it’s been implemented already in a yet unreleased version or if he never entered it. If not I’ll gladly do it!

Hi Stéphane! Thanks for reaching out, and sorry to disappoint. This feature hasn’t made it into our user voice yet, and it’s not something we’re currently working on. We’ve put some thought into how we could implement this in a intuitive way, and admittedly we’re struggling a bit with that. Dragging out a new column group from the sidebar still feels like the most obvious way to accomplish this; granted, it’s not perfect.

Please feel free to put this feature on UV, though. We’ll definitely consider it more if it becomes a popular request! :slight_smile:

Hi Robby,

I thought I might help in suggesting how to implement adding another column in an intuitive way :wink:

The user can keep the control key pressed while clicking on the duplicate button. They will then get a popup asking how many columns to add. This can be implemented in your code by appending one or more blank columns. Anyway, just a thought. Your product works great just as it is!


Hi Robby,

I noticed you have already implemented the Insert Column feature in Beaver Builder. Great job!


Yeah! We do have that in there. I like the keyboard shortcut idea a lot, though. Especially with the modifier key, that’s a fun idea. If you have second, feel free to add this to our User Voice page?