How to combine a few layouts together

Hi Community, i have a question: i build a Header Layout with the themer and then i save it. So i have this Header template. Then i save a pre-build template (because i want to have a template for my content) and then i am able to combine this together… but how i can do to combine it also with another individual footer or a sidebar from the Themer? I don’t know how to combine several saved Layouts together to a one individual page with a pre-saved content from Beaver Builder…Thanks in advance!


I apologise, but I am not quite sure what you mean. Can you go into more detail.

No Problem, i want to customize header, Footer and Side Bars, but i want to use the prebuild content Templates. How i can combine this together?

It’s not possible to combine themer layouts as they’re created separately. If you want a template which contains a header, footer and a two column layout then you would need to use Beaver Builder to create the template.

In order for the content to be dynamic you will want to use a field connection in a Text module to post content.

Ok thanks, for the first moment sounds bit complicated to me, but i will try to figure it out… maybe the solution is more easy then i think :+1: