How to filter the acceptable values of the color field?


How can I currently customize the accepted input of the color field that shows in various Beaver Builder modules?

I want Beaver Builder to accept global css colors like --var(MyGlobalCssVariableHere) .

In this way I can create more of a synchronized color scheme with Beaver Builder.

I also want to request this as a feature update of Beaver Builder to support this?

I hope that’s ok. It just seems good to have, but it’s impossible with the current settings.

I find myself using Beaver Builder now, and in that creating a basic scheme for clients, then doing quite a few search replaces to replace the color values, when I could just update the global css variables and regenerate the cache if needed.

Thanks for Beaver Builder! This is my first post.

I have used nearly every page builder, and Oxygen Builder was the last I was using I’ve decided to literally throw all the others away and use Beaver Builder.