How to make a centered invisible menu

Hi everyone!
I am trying to make this kind of menu in the nicest way possible. I attach the menu layout I am trying to make.

  • When Scrolling down, a different navbar will appear (but this time with a background), so the menu is always visible.

  • I tried to use the “J7 Beaver Header Footer Template”. But for some reason the “template Options” do not appear. So I cannot make everything like in the
    tutorials. Photos below :

Any idea of what’s the best way to make this menu?

Thanks a lot in advance.


To create a similar layout using Beaver Builder you would either need to use a three column row using a Photo module and two Menu modules.

Another solution would be to use one Menu module with menu items, set the fourth menu item to your websites home page URL and then use CSS to add an image thats your logo image. :slight_smile: