How To Move Featured Image Above Post Title?

Hey Guys,

Still loving this theme. Built three sites with it so far. One of them I built with headway previously… took 4-6 hours of work. Recreated it with Beaver Builder theme + plugin in less than 20 minutes… and literally zero coding work. So nice job.

Anyway, I’d live to move the featured image for blog posts above the post title. Right now the only options in the customizer are beside post and above post(content). I’d like to see an option to move the featured image above the post(title). That way I could get a layout like this:

Before that option gets added to the customers, is there an action/hook I can use to move the featured image above the post title?


Hey Richard,

Are you referring to the single blog page or the blog list? For the single blog page, there is no hook/filter we can use nor an option from the theme for that. You can, however, move the content-single.php file to the child theme and work from there. You can also delete the default title using the same method, hide the featured image, then place the title and image yourself inside the post. That is the most flexible and easy way I can think of doing this.

Same goes for the blog list. We don’t have an option nor a hook/filter for that. It will have to be done via custom module. You can always hit up our User Voice Forums for feature requests!

Hope this helps!


Hey Ben,

Thanks! I have achieved what I’m looking for by modifying the content.php and content-single.php files.

Here is a link to them for anyone else who might want them.

Thanks Richard, I will happily look into those files very soon :slight_smile:


Make sure you put the modified versions into your child theme folder.

I also added an avatar image. You can delete that by just deleting the
<div class="author-image">…</div>

Shouldn’t affect anything.

I also added class to the article called “on-post” that I added to both the content.php and the content-single.php files so I could target both of them with on css selector that wouldn’t also target pages or anything else.

You rock!

I also resolved my problem, and never even had to hack anything in the end. This Beaver Builder just keeps getting better and better with each cycle :slight_smile:

Hey Richard,

Glad you figured it out and thanks for the sharing the files! Have fun with The Beaver! :slight_smile: