How to turn off SmugMug option in the gallery modul?

Hey BB

How can I turning off the SmugMug Gallery source option?

My customers never used and never will be use the SmugMug. I realy like to turning this option off.

Constantly we need to explain what it is …

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Hi Blaci,

Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to turn off that option within the builder, sorry about that!



I have the same request than Blaci. Why you force this option? We pay for the agency plugin and we can’t remove this kind of options. It is like the phone number that is appearing on some template. The number is hardcoded…
Hope you will make a “super agency” version that will allow to customize and turn off this kind of imposed options.

Your product is so wonderful. We use them in an educational case. Keep it clean please.

Thanks a lot,