How to use parralax

Hi, I am testing design of my website and you can see a page here For the second image (where you have two faces just below the first one on the top, I use only one image (combine the two photos in photoshop) because it is the only way I saw was to have paralax on a backround of a column. I would have prefered two have it as two photos.

Another thing is it possible to have for example the logo collectionBy which is in svg above the two faces (As you can see the y is chop of as it passes below the second image).

The last thing is that when I try to select the background image and that for this example I have a logo column or text above it, it is imposible to do. I hope it is understandable what I am saying because I am more of a designer photographer thn coder. Thanks
I hope it is undersatn

Hey Jean,

Sorry but I am having a bit of a problem understanding your situation. You can’t assign Parallax backgrounds to columns so what you did was the only way around it.

The Parallax image on the second row is just a background. You can place whatever content on top of it.

When you specify a background for a row/column/module, make sure there is content inside. The background depends on the content. If there is no content, the background would have nowhere to place itself. I can see you’ve added a bottom margin to the column but that won’t do since margin is not part of the content, it’s placed after the content. Try adding padding to the column/module you’ve assigned background images on and you’ll see what I mean. :slight_smile: