I consider buying CSS Hero, but I have a question

Hi there
I love your page builder plugin and I now consider also buying CSS Hero from you.

I would like to know if it is also possible to customize widgets and widget areas with the plugin?

Best regards


Hey Troels,

Sorry but I’m confused. Did you mean to ask if CSS Hero can customize widgets and widget areas? I haven’t really used it yet but based on how it works, it should be able to. It can customize anything on your site, CSS-wise. You may want to ask the CSS Hero guys if you want a more concrete answer.


Hi there Troels,

I can answer this as I’ve used CSS Hero a lot. Beaver Builder is an official CSS Hero compatible plugin, so yes, you will be able to style / customize any of the Beaver Builder elements. As widgets are typically styled by the theme, just double check to make sure your theme is compatible. The Beaver Builder theme is also CSS Hero compatible, so if you’re using it and the Page Builder, you’re 100% compatible with CSS hero.

Hope that helps.