I just HAVE to ask ;)

In various places online and sprinkled within the code, this amazing product is referred to as FastLine Pagebuilder.

Enquiring minds ‘need’ to know, why the change to Beaver Builder and why, specifically, Beaver … me being from ‘Canadia’ and all, eh? :slight_smile:

Yep, you are correct! FastLine Media is the parent company of Beaver Builder and as such, the product was referred to as the ‘FastLine Page Builder’ in the early days. Shortly after launching, internal discussion and getting some great insight from our customers, we decided a re-brand was necessary to really give the plugin a memorable presence.

The Beaver Builder brand was born! As you probably know, branding can be a tricky beast and it did take us a bit to come up with the clever little guy! In all honesty, we were looking for an iconic figure that suggested ‘building’ while remaining fun/friendly and eye catching. He’s pretty cool with sunglasses as well. :slight_smile:


Thanks Billy! You are right … he is clever looking and would be cool in shades :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t care what it was called. it’s still an amazing product! :slight_smile: