I need suggestions for a site like so

Hi Team BB,

I need to do a creation of a website for a hotel,
Building on this website:


The link above have a mini website that redirects to the other two sites. If a website talking about the Hotel Event and another website talking about the Family Hotel.

You can create a similar layout using the plugin bb?

If this home:


I must make a Wordpress Plugin installation with BB and most other 2 sites with bb in each site?

It would be interesting to start from scratch the project or work with a predefined model of bb templates?

I need suggestions, anyone who can help me, I am grateful :slight_smile:

Hey Rafael,

Using only the BB features, you should be able to create a site similar to that but maybe not exactly the same. Regarding the 2 different websites, you can either install a different instance of WP on 2 different folders or do them via subdomains, it’s up to you.

For me, personally, it wouldn’t matter whether or not I start with a predefined template given how easy BB is to use. :slight_smile:

Hope this helps.


Yeah well , I’m thinking of creating directories in the main field with a model of hot site and every link your directory : www.dominio.com.br/site1 and www.dominio.com/site2

I need some inspiration for the site .
If anyone here has done some sites with BB plugin to share I would like to meet for inspiration :slight_smile: