I Simply Don't Understand Custom Modules...

I just upgraded to Agency and downloaded the custom module stuff. I don’t understand what they are, nor where to put those files in order to check out the templates.

Do they just go in the root of the plugin folder? I need a 101 for custom modules, please!

They sound really cool, and now that I have access to them, I want to understand what they do.


Hey Bodie! Custom Modules are totally separate from templates. You don’t need to worry about setting up any custom modules if you’re only hoping to work with/view templates.

That said, custom modules are really cool! You can use them to create your own modules. For example, if you were building a cooking blog, you could create a custom module for recipes and have complete control over the content and display. You’ll need to have a pretty good handle on HTML/CSS/PHP to use them.

If you want to create a custom module, you should use the boilerplate plugin as a starting place. You can put it in the root of your plugin folder, then go through and change out all of the boiler plate stuff, then you can activate it from your admin panel.

The reason we use a separate plugin is so your modules/changes don’t get overwritten when you update Beaver Builder. Another tip, you can explore all of the code in the bb-plugin/modules/ folder to see how we’re generating all of the existing modules. That would probably be the fastest way to learn.

Hope that helps. Let me know if anything is still unclear. I am happy to elaborate! :slight_smile: