Icon Module - Alignment parameter doesn't work


I am using Agency Version for Beaver Builder plugin with Beaver Builder Child theme activated.
I used Icon element from Advanced Modules. The Alignment parameter for Style >> Structure doesn’t reflect the alignment of icon. - http://goo.gl/UqcnzS
I tried debugging and found this in Icon module, frontend.css.php file:

<?php // Alignment ?>
<?php if(!isset($settings->exclude_wrapper)) : ?>
.fl-node-<?php echo $id; ?>.fl-module-icon {
	text-align: <?php echo $settings->align; ?>
<?php endif; ?>

The class .fl-module-icon doesn’t exists in the frontend.php file for Icon module. That is where may be you guys need to tweak to fix this issue.

Hey Pc,

I’m running 1.7.5 on my local dev and the alignment works fine. The .fl-module-icon class is actually present but is outside the module’s frontend.php file. Can you share the URL of the site in question so we can check?